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Best outdoor activities in Las Vegas

Looking for the best outdoor activities in Las Vegas? Las Vegas will help you escape the casinos and reconnect with nature.

The most famous city in the state of Nevada, Las Vegas is known as Vegas, is the 25th most popular city in the United States, Las Vegas is the second largest in the Southwestern United States and 2nd Largest in the Mojave Desert.

When you need a break from the people, clubs, and casinos of Las Vegas take a day trip outside of the city to a natural wonder to get some fresh air, stretch your legs, and admire the rugged scenery of these natural wonders you can visit Best Day Trip s from Las Vegas.

Best Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon

The first national conservation area in Nevada is called Red Rock Canyon and it’s only a short drive from the Strip. with 19 marked hiking trails, this is a must-visit area for climbers and hikers. A pleasant shaded stroll in a canyon with seasonal waterfalls is Ice Box Canyon. One of the most famous walks in the area, the Calico Tanks Trail is one of the most famous hikes with stunning views of the strip.

Red Rock Canyon normally has temperatures that are 5 to 10 degrees lower than in the town, but if you’re going in the summer, plan on hiking at sunrise or sunset because it’s still very hot at that time. since the majority of the paths are completely exposed, so make sure you have enough sun protection. Red Rock Canyon is one of the Best outdoor activities in Las Vegas.

Valley of Fire State Park.

Valley of Fire State Park is the oldest and biggest state park in Nevada, has vivid red Aztech sandstone, and will make you feel like you’re on Mars. A magnificent park with petrified trees, 2000-year-old petroglyphs, and wonderful hiking paths is only an hour northeast of Las Vegas.

Don’t skip the Wave Trail which leads to a stunning rock that folds into a rainbow of reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks. Among the best walks in the Valley of Fire are Natural Arch and Elephant Rock.

Arizona Hot Springs

Arizona Hot Springs is a stunning spring situated above the Colorado River in a small slot canyon. The Arizona Hot Springs are accessible by foot or by boat from the Black Canyon Water Trail, The effort is more than worth it, especially in the winter when it is cooler and you can have a great, lengthy bath.

Nelson’s Landing and Nelson Ghost Town

Nelson’s Landing and Nelson Ghost Town which is located between Lake Mead and Lake Mohave and offers cliff jumping into the Colorado River, is a favorite among thrill seekers. if heights aren’t a thing, you can just chill and relax on the beach and watch the jumpers. This is the best outdoor activity in Las Vegas in summer.

Bootleg Canyon

In Bootleg Canyoun you can do a flight over the Mojave Desert with Flightlinez Zipline tour. The tour includes four different zip lines, the largest of which is over half a mile long if the daytime tour isn’t exciting enough. they also offer a sunset excursion from April to October. knowing how epic the sunsets are here in Las Vegas, I am sure this would be amazing. Bootleg Canyon is one of the Best outdoor activities in Las Vegas.


What is Las Vegas famous for?

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and world-class entertainment.

The West Rim is the closest rim to Las Vegas. It is located about 130 miles from the heart of Las Vegas. On average, the drive takes approximately two and a half hours.

Is a day trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon worth it?

It is one of the top tourist attractions in the globe, and going there will leave you and your family with lifelong memories, A day excursion to the canyon is highly recommended if you’re staying in Las Vegas and can get you out of the city to enjoy a truly exceptional outdoor experience.

How many hours is enough for the Grand Canyon?

It depends on what you want to see and what activities you are performing. there are a ton more amazing things to do at the Grand Canyon than the few viewpoints that few travelers stop by before leaving. We recommend spending at least one full day at the Grand Canyon South.

Which part of the Grand Canyon is best to visit?

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon should be your only choice for a visit. The South Rim is located inside Grand Canyon National Park and offers the best views, best hiking, best activities, and best lodging at the Grand Canyon.