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Things to do in Santa Marta

Santa Marta is known for its stunning beaches if you planning to visit Santa Marta and need inspiration then this blog is for you. here’s information about the amazing things to do in Santa Marta along with important tips for visiting Santa Marta.

Are you in search of a vacation spot teeming with exquisite natural beauty and a wide array of activities? Well, your quest concludes in Santa Marta, Colombia! This captivating coastal city is an authentic paradise for every visitor.

Santa Marta is a destination that caters to all types of travelers, from thrill-seekers to history buffs. With its diverse landscapes, cultural richness, and welcoming atmosphere, this Colombian city promises an unforgettable adventure for those who venture there.

How to reach Santa Marta?

There are three different ways to reach Santa Marta by flight, car, or bus.

By Airplane

Santa Marta Simon Bolivar Airport is an international airport serving the city of Santa Marta, Colombia. The airport is located 14 kilometers (8.7 mi) south of Santa Marta city center, on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

If you want to get to Santa Marta from Colombia there are a few flights operating that will save you time from taking the bus.

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By Bus

There are many buses available for different nearby cities including Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena.

Cartagena city is nearby from Santa Marta the journey time is 4 hours and the expected bus ticket price is $5 to $6 for a one-way route with air conditioning bus.

From Medellin, you are looking at a 15-hour journey from Santa Marta and the bus ticket price is around $25 to $27 buses will depart daily.

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Private Transfer

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Things to do in Santa Marta

Tayrona National Park


Tayrona National Park is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts Explore magnificent beaches, lush jungles, and fascinating archaeological sites in this nature paradise.

Tayrona National Park has more than 770 different plant species, ranging from cacti to 30-metre-high trees. the park is also home to incredible 350 different algae species even though its waters represent a mere slither of its total vegetation.

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Acuario Rodadero


Acuario Rodadero is just an aquarium where you can connect with the wonders of the ocean and be part of the mission to protect it. whether you are a marine lover or simply seeking an enjoyable experience a visit to this aquatic paradise is an absolute must when in Santa Marta.

Acuario Rodadero is a marine sanctuary that promises an unforgettable experience for the entire family. it’s a place where education and entertainment come together seamlessly. Acuario Rodadero is the best option for Things to do in Santa Marta with kids.

As you step into Acuario Rodadero, you’ll be greeted by a dazzling array of marine creatures from the Caribbean Sea. The facility is home to a variety of fish species, sea turtles, and even a few mischievous dolphins. It’s an opportunity to get up close and personal with the fascinating underwater world that thrives along Colombia’s coast.

Acuario Rodadero is a very convenient location in the Rodadero area of Santa Martaa making it easily accessible for tourists. Acuario Rodadero is typically open from morning to early evening. Acuario Rodadero Aquarium entrance fee is 11 to 12$ and if you want to swim with dolphins ticket prices start from $22

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Playa El Rodadero

Playa El Rodadero beach

Playa El Rodadero is a hidden beach paradise in Santa Marta. is renowned for its stunning beaches as well as many coastal gems Playa El Rodadero is the best option for water lovers.

The beach is part of a beautiful bay, surrounded by lush green hills and swaying palm trees. This natural amphitheater creates a sheltered and tranquil ambiance that’s ideal for both sunbathing and swimming.

If you are an adventure lover, Playa El Rodadero offers multiple water activities, including Jet skiing, banana rides, speed boat rides, and parasailing. along the beach, you will find a variety of seafood restaurants and beachside bars where you can try fresh foods and enjoy a cold refreshing beverage.

The sunsets at Playa El Rodadero is a magnificent view from the beach As the day draws to a close, the sky ignites in hues of orange and pink, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for an evening walk along the shoreline.

Practical Tips for Your Visit

Getting There: Playa El Rodadero is easily accessible from Santa Marta’s city center, either by walking or a short taxi ride.

Sun Protection: Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the Caribbean sun.

Swim Safely
: While the beach is generally calm, be aware of the flags and lifeguards’ instructions for safe swimming.

Playa EL Rodadero it’s a destination that promises relaxation and excitement in equal measure. So, pack your sunscreen and beach towel and get ready to experience the enchantment of Playa El Rodadero in Santa Marta.

Catedral Basílica de Santa Marta


Catedral Basílica de Santa Marta is a remarkable architectural and historical landmark that has played a significant role in religious and cultural heritage. Catedral Basílica de Santa Marta is a church and is dedicated to Saint Martha.

Catedral Basílica de Santa Marta Church hosts cultural events, musical performances, and religious celebrations which provide rich traditions and heritage of Santa Marta.

The church is located in the city center making it easy to access for tourists Catedral Basílica de Santa Marta Church is open to the public during the day with occasional closures during religious services.

Museo del Oro Tairona – Casa de la Aduana

Museo del Oro Tairona is also known as Casa de la Aduana. Museo del Oro Tairona is a museum and it receives 5,00,000 travellers annually. the museum is committed to the conservation and promotion of indigenous traditions It supports local indigenous communities and raises awareness about their culture and challenges, contributing to the ongoing protection of their heritage.

Museo del Oro Tairona is located in the middle of the city center and the museum is open daily during daytime hours.

FAQ: Things to do in Santa Marta

Is Santa Marta worth visiting?

Yes, here you can explore many destinations and activities this is a good option for travelers.

How many days do I need in Santa Marta Colombia?

Three days are enough to cover the Santa Marta trip.

Does Santa Marta have nightlife?

Santa Marta offers a number of small bars and clubs around Parque de Los Novios

Can I drink tap water in Santa Marta?