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US National Whitewater Center

The U.S. National Whitewater Center is a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike. With over 50 miles of trails, whitewater rafting courses, and more than 30 recreational activities for you and your family to enjoy, you don’t want to miss this Charlotte day trip.

The Whitewater Center is a lifestyle-focused activity center with tons of things to do, built around the whitewater rapids used by the U.S. Olympic team in training for whitewater rafting and kayaking.

You can enjoy the fun with a local guide who will safely take you around the exciting rapids. But that’s just the beginning. With over 50 miles of trails, you can enjoy long walks or runs or even rent a mountain bike to tackle the off-road fun. Located right on the Catawba River, you can also rent a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard and enjoy the water. And if that’s not enough, the Whitewater Center is covered in zip lines, climbing walls, and rope courses.

If you’re looking for a challenge, the deep-water solo has you testing your climbing skills along with your courage at heights. A climb to the top has a rewarding big jump into the water.

With so many different activities to do, the Whitewater Center is the perfect place to spend the day with family or meet up with friends for an endurance challenge. There are over 30 races and competitions throughout the year to test yourself, everything from the Labor Day 5K to the Whole Enchilada, a mountain bike race that covers 50 miles of trails.

Every year for St. Patrick’s Day, the rapids are dyed green for a huge party and kayak race. And during the summer, you can catch live music every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at River Jam. It starts at seven, so you might want to get here early. The park fills up quickly, but there are so many things to do while you wait.

US National Whitewater Center History

US Whitewater Center is a non-profit outdoor wonderland that opened to the public in 2006.

US National Whitewater Center Activities

US National Whitewater Center offers a $ 64-day pass that can get you access to flatwater kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, adventure courses, and zip-lining. Many single activities can be enjoyed for around $30, but the $6 parking fee is all you need for entry to evening music, year-round festivals, and holiday celebrations.

So here’s the map that we got. Includes rafting. Looks like there’s some zip-lining here, there’s another zip-short zip-line here, and there’s also some ropes courses.

US National Whitewater Center Entry Ticket Fees

This place is pretty cool. We were looking through it, and it’s just a whole bunch of activities that you can try. You can pay by the activity if you only want to try one. But it would be more beneficial to get the day pass where you could try multiple activities. So, like, one activity to go kayaking is $35, but this day pass is only $75.  Activity Passes can be purchased to access more than 30 outdoor recreation experiences at the Whitewater Center.

US National Whitewater Center Entry Ticket Fees

Activity Name Fees
Climbing $25
Mountain Biking $35
Whitewater Rafting $59
Whitewater Kayaking + SUP $59
Flatwater Kayaking + SUP $39
Deep Water Solo $35
Ice Skating $25
Day Pass (Adult) $79
Day Pass (Youth) $69
Annual Pass (Adult) $149
Annual Pass (Youth) $139

All Access Passes provide access to available pass activities on one day of visit or 365 days from first use.

Things to Know Before You Go US National Whitewater Center

1. Payment Options: You have the choice to pay for individual activities or opt for an all-day pass that covers all activities. Note that the canopy tour requires a separate charge.

2. Essential Items: Remember to bring towels and a change of clothing if you plan on participating in water activities. Closed-toe shoes are recommended and are required for many of the activities.

3. Rafting Reservations: Reservations are mandatory for all rafting trips. It’s advisable to book early as spots can fill up quickly.

4. Storage Facilities: Paid lockers, storage bins, and locker rooms are available on-site for your convenience.

5. Dining Options: There are various dining options available on-site, including a beer garden, ensuring you stay fueled and hydrated throughout the day.

6. Pet Policy: Dogs are permitted on the grounds, hiking trails, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and at the outdoor restaurant.

How to Reach US National Whitewater Center

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the US National Whitewater Center is easily accessible by various modes of transportation:

1. By Car: The Whitewater Center is situated at 5000 Whitewater Center Parkway, Charlotte, NC. If you’re driving, you can reach it via major highways and local roads.

2. Public Transportation: While there isn’t direct public transportation to the Whitewater Center, you can use local bus services or rideshare options to get as close as possible, then arrange for a taxi or rideshare for the remaining distance.

3. Bicycle: The Whitewater Center is accessible by bike, and there are bike racks available for parking once you arrive.

4. Shuttle Service: Some hotels in the Charlotte area offer shuttle services to the Whitewater Center, so check with your accommodation to see if this option is available.

5. Ride-sharing: Services like Uber and Lyft operate in the Charlotte area, providing convenient transportation to the Whitewater Center.

FAQ: US National Whitewater Center

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the US National Whitewater Center:

  1. What are the operating hours of the US National Whitewater Center?

    The Whitewater Center’s operating hours vary depending on the season. It’s best to check their official website or contact them directly for current hours of operation.

  2. Are there age or weight restrictions for activities at the Whitewater Center?

    Yes, some activities may have age or weight restrictions for safety reasons. Be sure to check the specific requirements for each activity before participating.

  3. Can I bring my own equipment for activities like kayaking or paddleboarding?

    Yes, you are allowed to bring your own equipment for certain activities. However, the Whitewater Center also provides rental equipment for those who need it.

  4. Is there an admission fee to enter the Whitewater Center?

    While there is no general admission fee to enter the Whitewater Center grounds, some activities and attractions may require payment. Check their website or contact them for details on pricing.

  5. Are pets allowed at the US National Whitewater Center?

    Yes, dogs are allowed on the grounds, hiking trails, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and at the outdoor restaurant. However, they must be kept on a leash at all times and are not allowed in certain designated areas.

  6. Is there parking available at the Whitewater Center?

    Yes, there is parking available on-site at the US National Whitewater Center. However, there may be a parking fee, so be sure to check before arriving.

  7. Are there dining options available at the Whitewater Center?

    Yes, there are several dining options available on-site, including a restaurant and a beer garden. You can also find snacks and beverages at various locations throughout the center.

  8. Can I book group events or corporate outings at the Whitewater Center?

    Yes, the Whitewater Center offers facilities for group events, corporate outings, and team-building activities. Contact their events team for more information and to make reservations.