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Escape and Explore: Unveiling the Best Road Trips from New York City

New York City offers plenty to do on its own, but there are also road trips that offer great dining, outdoor adventure, natural wonders, and history within a day’s reach. You can see the highest cascading waterfall in the entire state and visit iconic resort towns famed for their comedy and live entertainment shows. Unveiling the 10 Best Road Trips from New York City.

You can enjoy fine dining and local wines, go gaming, or buy a perfect piece of wall art for your place back home. Explore some of the Best Road Trips from New York City. to make memories that last a lifetime.

In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the top 10 Best Road Trips from New York City, and just wait till you see the number one that we’re going to explore in this guide—something you would never even have thought of. So now let’s cut to the chase.

Best Road Trips from New York City

Number 10: Haines Falls, New York

Haines Falls, New York (1) (1)

See the highest cascading falls in New York State. Haines Falls, New York, is a location that offers a grand opportunity to visit a cascading waterfall with brilliant green hiking trails and a natural spring where you can swim. This outdoor adventure paradise is just around four hours from central NYC and the falls themselves purport to be the highest cascading falls in the state.

If you take a hiking trail to Round Top, you can also visit Glen Falls, which offers a wide natural spring lake that’s open for swimming and relaxation in warmer months. The trail is open all year long; however, so even in winter, if you’re brave, you can snowshoe your way through the woods or take a dip in that very cold lake.

At 9: Newport, Rhode Island

Newport, Rhode Island (1)

Have lobster every way you can enjoy it. Newport, Rhode Island, is a popular destination for day trippers and weekend getaways, offering serene harbor views, fine art galleries, and fantastic seafood restaurants. It’s just three hours from New York City for a day trip experience.

Newport is famed for historic attractions like the Marble House and Rosecliff Museums, which will thrill history buffs. It’s also known for its harbor views and sailing from places like Fort Adams State Park, which is great for families or couples on a romantic getaway. Of course, if you’re a fan of lobster, you’ll want to hit a local seafood restaurant for lobster rolls, steamed lobster, and lobster bisque paired with outstanding local wines. Lobster—now you’re talking.

At 8: Lexington, Massachusetts

Lexington, Massachusetts (1)

See the spot where the United States was born. Lexington, Massachusetts, offers not only vast wooded surroundings and a serene environment but also a wealth of historical experiences for everyone from war historians to literary buffs. You can take a trip to Walden Pond, Lexington Common, and Battle Green, and you can see where the first shots were fired that set off the Revolutionary War.

Head for the Orchard House to see the place where Alcott based her seminal novel “Little Women.” For those who just want a weekend getaway, there are plenty of woodland trails for hiking and biking to explore—all of this is less than a four-hour drive from central New York City.

At 7: Pocono Mountains, Philadelphia

Pocono Mountains, Philadelphia (1)

Do some gaming or enjoy family resort entertainment. The Pocono Mountains in Philadelphia offer an iconic mountain getaway with skiing, quaint and rustic cabins, gaming, and hundreds upon hundreds of acres of woodland to explore. This famous destination is known for its resorts and upscale entertainment with live music, comedy shows, and tons of family-themed entertainment.

The Poconos also offer miles of woodlands to explore for hiking, biking, camping, swimming, and canoeing, along everything from serene lakes to white water rapids. Best of all, they’re only about a two-hour drive from NYC.

Next in at 6: Catskills, New York

Catskills, New York (1)

Catch a comedy show at famous mountain clubs. The Catskills in New York are a famous mountain range destination known far and wide for their resorts and comedy shows and for offering pristine mountain lakes, biking, hiking, and leisure. It’s just an hour’s drive from NYC to reach here, and you can hike or bike around the deep blue waters of Otsego Lake at Glimmerglass State Park, relax on the beach, or get out on the lake for some water sports.

The Catskills have several traditional and historic towns to explore, and each brings its own unique and eclectic collection of history, quaint cottages, and exciting nightclubs. You can find the perfect souvenirs in local shops and enjoy the best in fine dining, wine, and cocktails in local upscale restaurants.

Next in at 5: Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia (1)

View historic architecture along Old Town streets. Alexandria, Virginia, offers historic architecture, quaint streets, and a wide variety of local businesses, shops, and restaurants in a classic southern city. Old Town Alexandria is one of the most popular attractions here, known for its blocks of walkable avenues lined by buildings constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Nestled in amongst the facades are a wide range of small local shops selling everything from boutique clothing to handmade arts and crafts fashioned by area artisans. You can also relax in small local restaurants for outstanding food and drink. It can be reached after a roughly four-hour drive from New York City.

Next up at 4: Finger Lakes, New York

Finger Lakes, New York (1)

Explore 11 picturesque mountain lakes. Finger Lakes, New York, is a region comprising 11 picturesque and pristine lakes offering hiking, and historic attractions, and that’s known for its outstanding wineries. Your hiking here will take you through scenic gorges where you can witness cascading waterfalls and endless green space.

Historic sites include the Women’s Rights National Historical Park and Sonnenberg Gardens and Mansion. Of course, many people come here to enjoy the vast array of local wines that can be found throughout the region. There are few better ways to relax at the end of a long day of seeing the sights than with a local vintage. Sounds great. This area is less than five hours from New York City, so it’s an easy day’s drive and overnight stay. Great idea with all that red wine available.

And next up at 3: Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May, New Jersey (1)

Walk a seaside town full of boutique shops and specialty gifts. Cape May, New Jersey, is a shopping and dining destination with walkable avenues filled with art, gifts, souvenirs, great local seafood eateries, and specialty goods. The town itself is famed as amongst the most idyllic along the Jersey Shore and it’s full of historic buildings and a paved promenade.

Along the promenade, you can find all manner of specialty goods, including handmade nut butter, and galleries filled with local arts and crafts. You can find kitschy gift shops, small indoor malls, seafood restaurants, and Irish pubs. Or it’s a Guinness for me, please. It’s only about a two-and-a-half-hour drive south along the Garden State Parkway.

At 2: Westerly, Rhode Island

Westerly, Rhode Island (1) (1)

Relax on a private beach or take a cooking class. Westerly, Rhode Island offers an iconic quaint seaside town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean where you can access private beaches, rent a luxury car, take cooking classes, or enjoy a spa. This coastal town is about a three-hour drive from NYC and offers peaceful and walkable avenues, small independent and boutique shops, outstanding local restaurants, and a peaceful getaway from the noise and crowds of the city.

This destination is perfect for a family-friendly trip that offers luxurious but quaint and traditional surroundings. Here you can have an upscale getaway the entire family will enjoy.

And finally at number one: Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls, New York (1)

Visit one of the wonders of the world. Niagara Falls, New York, is an iconic U.S. location and offers a chance to see one of the wonders of the world complete with photos, museums, shopping, and dining. When most people think of Niagara Falls, they think of Canada, but the U.S. side offers three different sites—American Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.

One of the great things about the falls is that when you’re looking over them, even when there’s a massive crowd bustling about, you feel a sense of peace and serenity, as opposed to sheer terror.

The falls are about seven hours from NYC to the north, but every minute of the trip will be worth it. And there you have the top 10 Best Road Trips from New York City.

FAQ: Best Road Trips from New York City

1. Q: What are the best road trips from New York City?

A: Some of the best road trips from New York City include journeys to Haines Falls, Newport, Lexington, the Pocono Mountains, the Catskills, Alexandria, the Finger Lakes, Cape May, Westerly, and the iconic Niagara Falls.

2. Q: How far are these road trip destinations from New York City?

A: The distances vary, but generally, these road trip destinations are within a few hours’ drive from New York City. Haines Falls and Newport are about 3-4 hours away, while destinations like the Finger Lakes and Niagara Falls may require a 5-7 hour drive.

3. Q: Are these road trips suitable for families?

A: Yes, many of these road trips are family-friendly. Destinations like the Pocono Mountains and Cape May offer family resort entertainment and seaside towns with activities for all ages.

4. Q: Can I plan a road trip focused on outdoor adventures?

A: Absolutely! Road trips to Haines Falls, the Pocono Mountains, and the Catskills are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. You can explore hiking trails, and cascading waterfalls, and enjoy various outdoor activities in these locations.

5. Q: Are there cultural and historical destinations among the recommended road trips?

A: Yes, road trips to Lexington, Alexandria, and Newport offer rich cultural and historical experiences. These destinations feature historic sites, museums, and charming streets with significant architectural heritage.

6. Q: Can I find diverse culinary experiences on these road trips?

A: Certainly! Many of these road trip destinations, such as Newport, the Finger Lakes, and Westerly, offer diverse culinary delights. You can savor local seafood, visit wineries, and explore unique dining experiences.

7. Q: Are there budget-friendly options for road trips from New York City?

A: Yes, there are budget-friendly options. Road trips to Lexington, Alexandria, and Cape May offer a mix of affordable accommodations, local attractions, and dining options suitable for various budgets.

8. Q: Can I plan a road trip based on seasonal preferences?

A: Absolutely! Whether you prefer fall foliage in the Catskills, winter wonderlands in the Adirondacks, or spring blossoms in the Finger Lakes, there are road trips suitable for every season.

9. Q: How can I plan and navigate these road trips effectively?

A: Planning is key. Research each destination, map out your route and consider factors like accommodation, attractions, and dining options. Utilize navigation apps to ensure a smooth journey.

10. Q: Are there additional road trip recommendations beyond the mentioned destinations?

A: Absolutely! The list is not exhaustive, and there are many more road trip options. Consider exploring nearby states and regions for additional hidden gems and unique experiences beyond these highlighted destinations.

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