Best Places to Live in New York for Families
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Best Places to Live in New York for Families

Looking for the Best Places to Live in New York for Families? You’ve come to the right place. You can easily find best places to live with families in New York City, often depicted as a bustling metropolis filled with skyscrapers and bustling streets, may not immediately come to mind as a family-friendly destination. However, hidden among the city’s vibrant neighborhoods are communities that offer an excellent quality of life for families. If you’re considering a move to the Big Apple with your loved ones then New York is a good option for you, here are some of the Best Places to live in New York for families.

If you’re not from here, when you think of the Empire State, I’m sure you think of New York City, the Statue of Liberty, maybe the Yankees, and probably pizza. While living in New York City is a dream for those who love live entertainment, art, culture, crowded spaces, crime, and a high cost of living, there’s more to New York than just the five boroughs. Come on now, it’s a large state with a rich history.

But as always, some cities are better than others. And today, we’re talking about the 10 best places to live in the Empire State. So, how do we determine where the best places are to live in the state of New York? Well, most of it’s based on data. We’re going to look at places that have a good quality of life with good schools and low crime. Plus, a lot of people in the state of New York have weighed in on the places that they say are the best to live and raise a family. We included that as well. Let’s get started. These are the best places you can live in the state of New York.

Places to Live in New York for Families

1. Upper West Side, Manhattan

Upper West Side is one of the favorite location to live with families. The Upper West Side is a quintessential family-friendly neighborhood in Manhattan. With tree-lined streets, proximity to Central Park, and an abundance of cultural institutions like the American Museum of Natural History, it’s a haven for families. The neighborhood also boasts some of the city’s top public and private schools. The Upper West Side is one of the best places in New York to live.

– Excellent schools and educational institutions.
– Close to Central Park and Riverside Park.
– Numerous family-friendly restaurants and shops.

– High cost of living compared to other areas.
– Limited parking options.

2. Park Slope, Brooklyn

Park Slope is a charming neighborhood in Brooklyn known for its family-friendly atmosphere. The community here is tight-knit, and the streets are lined with strollers. Prospect Park, Brooklyn’s answer to Central Park, offers ample green space and recreational activities for kids. The neighborhood is also home to some of Brooklyn’s top public schools. Park Slope is also one of the Best Places to visit in New York.

– Great public schools and daycare options.
– Abundance of parks and playgrounds.
– Eclectic dining and shopping scene.

– High demand for housing can lead to competitive markets.
– Limited parking availability.

3. Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills, in the heart of Queens, combines suburban tranquility with urban convenience. Forest Hills is Very Beatutiful Places to live with families. It’s known for its excellent schools and family-oriented community. Austin Street, the neighborhood’s commercial hub, offers various dining options and shops. Forest Park provides plenty of outdoor activities for families. also forest hills is consider for Cheapest Places in NewYork to Live

– Top-rated public and private schools.
– Safe and welcoming community.
– Access to Forest Park and Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

– Longer commute to Manhattan.
– Limited nightlife compared to Manhattan or Brooklyn.

4. Riverdale, The Bronx

Riverdale, located in the northwest Bronx, offers a suburban feel within city limits. The neighborhood is known for its spacious homes, scenic views of the Hudson River, and excellent schools, both public and private. It’s a haven for families seeking a quieter lifestyle.

– Highly regarded schools.
– Beautiful parks and green spaces.
– A sense of community.

– Longer commute to downtown Manhattan.
– Limited shopping and dining options compared to busier neighborhoods.

5. Staten Island

Staten Island, one of New York City’s five boroughs, offers a suburban lifestyle while being part of the city. The island is known for its safe neighborhoods, quality schools, and affordable housing options compared to other boroughs. Clove Lakes Park and the Staten Island Zoo are popular family attractions.

– Affordable housing options.
– Quiet and safe neighborhoods.
– Access to parks and natural attractions.

– Longer commute to Manhattan via the Staten Island Ferry.
– Limited public transportation within the island.


While New York City may have a reputation for being fast-paced and urban, it’s also home to numerous family-friendly neighborhoods that provide a sense of community, excellent educational opportunities, and access to parks and recreational activities. Whether you choose the Upper West Side’s cultural richness, Park Slope’s laid-back charm, Forest Hills’ suburban feel, Riverdale’s scenic beauty, or Staten Island’s affordability, New York City has something for every family.

Remember to research thoroughly, visit neighborhoods in person, and consider your family’s specific needs and preferences when choosing the best place to call home in the Big Apple.

FAQ for the best places to live in New York for families:

Q: What are the top considerations for choosing the best place to live in New York for families?

A: Factors like quality of schools, safety, community amenities, family-friendly environment, access to outdoor activities, and affordability play significant roles in choosing the best place for families in New York.

Q: Are there particular regions or counties in New York known for being family-friendly?

A: Nassau County is often recognized for its family-friendly communities, offering safety, excellent schools, recreational activities, and a sense of community.

Q: What are some of the key aspects to consider when evaluating the quality of schools in these areas?

A: Factors such as graduation rates, student-teacher ratios, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and available resources and programs are crucial indicators of school quality.

Q: Are these areas typically expensive to live in?

A: Some of the best family-friendly areas in New York, especially in Nassau County, can have a higher cost of living, including housing costs. However, they often provide good value in terms of safety, education, and community amenities.

Q: How can I determine if a specific neighborhood or town is safe for families?

A: Researching crime rates, community policing, neighborhood watch programs, and overall community engagement can give you insights into the safety of an area for families.

Q: What recreational activities or facilities are available for families in these areas?

A: Parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, community centers, family-friendly events, and access to natural spaces like beaches or hiking trails are common recreational options in family-friendly New York areas.

Q: How can I find housing that suits my family’s needs in these areas?

A: Working with a local real estate agent who understands the family needs and priorities can help in finding suitable housing, considering factors like school districts, neighborhood safety, and family-oriented communities.

Q: Are there any specific cultural or educational opportunities available for families in these regions?

A: Many family-friendly areas in New York offer access to museums, cultural events, libraries, and educational programs that cater to families and children.

Q: What’s the general demographic makeup of these family-friendly areas?

A: While it varies, many family-oriented neighborhoods in New York often have diverse and well-educated populations with a mix of ages and backgrounds, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.

Q: Are there any resources or services available to help families transition or settle into these areas?

A: Local community centers, welcome committees, social groups, and online forums often exist to support newcomers in settling into family-friendly neighborhoods in New York.


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