5 Things to do in times square with kids
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Things to do in times square with kids

Everyone should visit New York at least once in their lifetime, but it can be hard to know what to do when traveling with family. Times Square in New York is frequented by more than 460,000 people daily. It is the world’s most popular tourist destination, attracting 42 million visitors annually.  we share the best 5 Things to do in Times Square with kids.

New York is such an awesome place to visit. But if you have your little ones with you, it can be tricky. If you ask Miss Google where to go in NYC with kids, they’ll tell you Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Times Square. But do little kids want to see these things? Trust wants to play. In this guide, we share 5 amazing things to do in Times Square with kids. That’s right, free and guaranteed that your little ones will have a blast, and they always want to return back to these places.

5 Things to do in times square with kids

Now, just a disclaimer: the places that we are going to share with you are free to enter and free to play, but that doesn’t mean you won’t spend any money. If your kid picks up a toy, or a souvenir, or gives you puppy eyes, it is up to you to decide whether or not to spend the money and spoil them. So let’s jump into the 5 Things to Do in Times Square with kids who are super fun to play and free to enter.

Camp Store

5 Things to do in times square with kids

Camp Store has five locations – three in New York, one in Connecticut, and one in Texas. All the locations have different things. I’ve only been to the one on Fifth Avenue, but it was so much fun that I can’t wait to check out the other locations.

When you enter this store, it looks like a typical store with lots of merchandise, storybooks, crafts, stuffed animals, and clothing. But the huge play space is hidden behind this display shelf, and you gotta push it open to enter.

It felt so cool walking into the play space. There is a lot of merchandise on display, but there are also lots of stuff to play.

There’s a vintage car with a TV screen the kids can come in and out of. There’s a bunk bed with a slide attached to it where you slide down to the other room, a disco room.

There’s a control panel with lots of knobs for kids to play. There are some open toys like this yellow truck for kids to test out, and there are also two kid-sized arcade machines in there. Of course, there are lots and lots of toys on display for sale, as well as lots of books, play costumes, crafts, and stuffed animals.

There’s a craft kit menu ranging from $15 to $45 where you can do the craft there at the store or take the craft home to make. you get 45 minutes in the play space, but if you choose to do a craft, you can finish doing your craft before you leave.

FAO Schwarz

FAO Schwarz new york 11 (1)

FAO Schwarz is a giant toy store that has been around for more than 100 years. It has been in so many famous movies and has the signature dance-on-piano. The toy store has been around for a long time, but the original FAO location in New York City unfortunately closed down in November 2015. But luckily, in October of 2018, they reopened at its new location, which is its current location.

On the first floor, there are lots of crafts, and there’s always something different on display, somebody is showing you how to play, and you can test out the toys. On the day we went, there were these robotic toys that could fight each other, and the kids had a great time playing. All the employees there are super friendly and helpful.

Some toys cater to all different ages – discovery and educational toys, Sesame Street characters, FAO-branded toys, and of course, lots of superhero collectibles.

You can also customize your race car, and they’ll be ready for you to take home by the time you leave.

You find lots and lots and lots of candy – all different kinds of candy and chocolate that you can think of. Two sets of stairs lead to the second floor – the light-up rainbow stairs are by the front door. When you reach the second floor, the first thing you see is a little space that looks like a rocket with a steering wheel and lots of knobs for kids to play.

Also on the second floor, there’s a Build-A-Bear Workshop where you can build a bear right there in FAO – lots of lots of different characters, and a Barbie section with lots of different outfits to choose from, and there’s an FAO adoption agency with many life-sized baby dolls. There’s a section for trolls and a section for American Girl dolls. You can also find lots of movies and TV characters like Mandalorian, and Transformers. There are also lots of books on display on the second floor.

Line Friends Store

Line Friends Store new york (1)

The Line Friends store in Times Square is the only Line Friends store in North America. You can also find the stores in Tokyo, Shanghai, Taiwan, Bangkok, and Seoul. The Line Friends characters were created by a Korean pop star group called BTS, and these characters are very popular in Asia. At the Line Friends store, the first thing you see when you walk in the door is the giant brown bear, and this brown bear changes outfits based on the time of the year. This store does sell merchandise; it isn’t a space for play.

However, because it’s got so many life-size characters throughout the store, the kids have a great time shopping in the store. The baskets at the store are tiny, and the kids love to carry these baskets around in the store.

And there are TVs with Line cartoons on a loop. There used to be another area behind these curtains with even more characters and cute areas for photos.

M&M Store

M&M Store new york (1)

Everybody knows about M&M chocolate, but this store is taking M&M to another level. It has M&M of everything. The M&M store has two stories, and it sells everything that you can think of related to M&Ms, including, of course, chocolate, clothing, toys, and plush pillows.

On the second floor, there are tons of gadgets, and you can even find your M&M color. You can even find an Elvis M&M in the store.

Lego Store

Lego Store new york (1)

There are multiple different locations of the Lego store in New York City. Under normal circumstances, you can find all kinds of different Legos in the store to play. At the Lego store, everything is made out of Legos. There’s a Lego Flatiron Building, a Lego Statue of Liberty, and a Lego construction worker. Last year in the store, they had all kinds of different Legos available for play, but these high-touch items are put away this year.

You can make your own personal mosaic, and so you have a Lego picture of yourself, but of course, that comes with a fee.

So that’s it – top 5 things to do in Times Square with kids, and guaranteed your kids will love it.

FAQ: Things to do in Times Square with Kids

Here’s an FAQ guide for things to do in Times Square with kids:

Q: What are some family-friendly activities to do in Times Square?

A: Times Square offers various family-friendly activities. You can explore interactive stores like the Disney Store, enjoy themed restaurants, and visit attractions like the M&M Store and the Line Friends Store.

Q: Are there any kid-friendly shows or performances in Times Square?

A: Yes, Times Square is known for its vibrant entertainment scene. Check out family-friendly shows, performances, and even Broadway productions suitable for children.

Q: Are there play areas or parks in Times Square for kids?

A: While Times Square itself is more of a commercial and entertainment hub, nearby attractions like Bryant Park offer play areas and family-friendly spaces.

Q: Can we find kid-friendly restaurants in Times Square?

A: Absolutely! Times Square has a variety of family-friendly restaurants. Look for themed eateries, such as the Hard Rock Cafe or places offering kid-friendly menus.

Q: Are there any interactive stores for kids in Times Square?

A: Yes, explore interactive stores like the Disney Store, where kids can engage with characters and merchandise. Additionally, the M&M Store and Line Friends Store offer interactive experiences.

Q: What’s the best time to visit Times Square with kids?

A: Times Square is bustling throughout the day, but early evenings are often lively and vibrant. Keep in mind that weekends and holidays can be busier.

Q: Are there any kid-friendly events or festivals in Times Square?

A: Times Square hosts various events and celebrations throughout the year. Check the event calendar for family-friendly activities, parades, or festivals during your visit.

Q: Are strollers allowed in Times Square?

A: Yes, strollers are allowed in Times Square. However, be prepared for crowds, and it’s advisable to navigate with a lightweight and easily maneuverable stroller.

Q: How can we get the best view of the Times Square lights with kids?

A: For a great view of the Times Square lights, consider visiting elevated platforms or nearby attractions with observation decks. Some restaurants also offer panoramic views.

Q: Are there any indoor attractions for kids in case of bad weather?

A: If the weather is unfavorable, explore indoor attractions like the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum or interactive stores such as the Disney Store and the M&M Store.

Q: Are there family restrooms available in Times Square?

A: While Times Square itself may not have dedicated family restrooms, many nearby restaurants, malls, or attractions provide family-friendly facilities.

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